Forspoken NPC Funny Faces

Funny Forspoken NPC Faces Used as Meme for Mixed Reviews

Forspoken has received mixed reviews from players and critics since its release on PS5 yesterday, with many complaining about the carbon copy NPC with funny faces. In fact, one rather smug-looking NPC has appealed to players so much that it’s becoming a meme for their thoughts about the game.

Forspoken NPC faces can be indistinct from each other

Some of the most common complaints about Forspoken are that there are a lot of identical-looking NPCs that have weird expressions. They have no facial movements which makes conversations awkward, especially as players are rooted to the spot throughout and are left staring at the screen. As such, Reddit and GLHF‘s Kirk McKeand are just two people that have used funny NPC faces to represent how they feel about Forspoken. In the image above, these are purportedly two different NPCs. Players have continued to describe the game’s NPCs as being “such a downer“, “lifeless”, and even as “very bland, lifeless T-800s.

The criticism of the game’s NPCs follows just days after the game’s dialog started getting panned. Before that, the reception of the game’s trailers and PS5 demo was also very mixed, to the point where the latter received an update to adjust its controls, combat, and other gameplay aspects.