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Forspoken’s First Hour Has Leaked and Its Dialogue Is Getting Panned

The first hour of Forspoken gameplay has leaked, thanks to some retailers breaking street date and handing out copies early. But that’s probably the least of Square Enix’s concerns right now considering that the game’s dialogue continues to be a cause for concern among fans. Early impressions also echo some of the most commonly-voiced criticisms.

Forspoken gameplay is fun but writing is questionable, early impressions suggest

We’re not going to share the leaked gameplay here for obvious reasons but curious souls can head over to Reddit if they really want to watch.

The general consensus among those who have been playing Forspoken is that the game’s combat, parkour, and magic portions are fun, but the open world doesn’t stand out in any way. Some say that Forspoken’s presentation is a hit-and-miss, with some mediocre facial and character animations.

Forspoken’s dialogue has been a focal point of discourse surrounding the game ever since its reveal. For its part, Square Enix has given players the ability to tone down the chitter chatter, but that itself isn’t a great sign.

PlayStation LifeStyle is currently reviewing Forspoken and we’ll have our impressions up for our readers when the embargo lifts on Monday, January 23rd.