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Microsoft-exclusive High on Life Has People Apologizing for Mocking Forspoken

A newly-released clip of Microsoft-exclusive High on Life is so cringey that it has the internet apologizing for mocking Forspoken dialogue. If you were wondering why High on Life and Forspoken were both briefly trending in gaming Twitter circles over the weekend, it’s because High on Life’s official Twitter account was one of those who apparently dunked on Forspoken a while ago when Square Enix released a trailer that quickly turned into memes. But a recently released video by IGN shows that High on Life tries hard to be funny but ends up falling flat.

High on Life vs Forspoken dialogue

Just yikes. And the internet didn’t waste the opportunity.

“Y’all have an issue with Forspoken dialogue but are okay with this??” quizzed one follower under the video above. Others quote-tweeted the video and pointed out that games like Saints Row reboot, Forspoken, and High on Life have missed the mark. Some users came to High on Life’s defense, stating that it doesn’t take itself seriously like Forspoken. However, others pointed out that there’s no nuance in how High on Life handles its humor and dialogue.

Personally, I find the IGN video above incredibly off-putting.

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