Final Fantasy 16 will have a day-one update after all

Final Fantasy 16 Day-One Update Will Fix Minor Performance Issues

Final Fantasy 16 will have a day-one update after all. Square Enix had initially said that it didn’t plan a patch for launch, but added that things may change if it identified any issues. In a pre-launch event, producer Naoki Yoshida said that the patch will fix a few bugs and performance issues.

How big is Final Fantasy 16 day-one update?

Keeping its promise that all Final Fantasy 16 players will be able to jump in and play on launch day, Square Enix has ensured that the patch is small and isn’t a mandatory download. The update weighs around 300 MB and the game can be played without it. Those who purchase Final Fantasy 16 digitally will have the update automatically applied, so the latter only applies to players with a disc.

Square Enix also said that it’s already working on future patches. Final Fantasy 16’s development team has identified some areas of improvement as well as frame rate issues that it plans to address. According to localization director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, frame rate drops occur in some areas with a lot of characters on screen, such as towns. The game will be optimized and this will be fixed in a future update.