Final Fantasy 16 PS5 size revealed

Final Fantasy 16 File Size Revealed by Leaked Copies

Final Fantasy 16 physical copies are out in the wild, revealing the game’s PS5 file size. Thanks to some retailers breaking street date early, spoilers have also found their way online in form of video clips and screenshots.

Final Fantasy 16 size requires ample free space

According to an early unboxing video, Final Fantasy 16 requires a minimum of 100 GB of storage space. Those without an expanded storage and several games installed on their SSDs are going to need to clear out quite a bit of space. Games often exceed their minimum requirements, so simply having 100 GB of free space might not be enough.

Players who are looking to expand their storage might want to check out WD Black’s new SN850P NVMe SSD — a PlayStation-licensed fast SSD that’s available in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB variants, with a starting price of $149.99.

The good news is that Final Fantasy 16 won’t have a day-one patch. Square Enix previously said that the development team wanted the game to be playable straight out of the box and didn’t want to hold anyone back from jumping in on the first day.

Final Fantasy 16 will launch exclusively on the PS5 next Thursday, June 22.