street fighter swimsuit special
(Photo Credit: Udon Entertainment)

Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Celebrates Female Fighters

Some of Capcom‘s finest character designs are celebrating their bodies in the Street Fighter Swimsuit Special comic from Udon Entertainment.

Releasing in July 2023 after the release of Street Fighter 6, the book is in full color and will span 32 pages. The cheapest versions are $4.99, although the online exclusive Roxy bikini variant costs $50, and several other variants clock in at $20. The issue is available to pre-order now on Udon Entertainment’s website.

Check out the different Street Fighter Swimsuit Special covers below:

Who appears in the Street Fighter bikini issue?

“The World Warriors return for another fun-filled summer swimwear spectacular!” reads the synopsis for the Street Fighter Swimsuit Special. “Fan favorites like Chun-Li, Cammy, and Juri are joined by Street Fighter 6 newcomers including supermodel judoka Manon, graffiti ninja Kimberly, and wrestling behemoth Marisa! Featuring pin-up artwork from UDON artists and friends of the studio such as Genzoman, Andrea Cofrancesco, Chamba, Conto, Panzer, Keenbiscuit, Edwin Huang, and many more!”