PS Plus May 2023 games appear to be glitched

PS Plus Users Reporting Game Expiration Glitch

The PS Plus May 2023 lineup appears to be glitched for some players. A number of complaints popped up in the PS5, and PlayStation Plus subreddits overnight, where players reported receiving an alert every 15 minutes informing them that the game they’re playing is about to expire.

Is there a workaround for PS Plus game expiration glitch?

The aforementioned glitch seems to be impacting players in multiple regions irrespective of whether they’re subscribed to the Extra or Premium/Deluxe tiers. After playing a game from the catalogs for 15 minutes, some users receive a message stating, “This game will expire in 15 minutes.” 

Upon receiving the message, players say the system opens up the PS menu but thankfully doesn’t close the game. They can continue playing without any issues but are hit with the warning again after another 15 minutes elapse. This is understandably annoying as it disrupts gameplay.

Unfortunately, restarting the system, restoring licenses, or manually changing the console’s date and time does not appear to fix the issue. It looks like the glitch is on PSN’s end so until Sony fixes it, the only way to play a game from the PS Plus catalogs is to simply put up with the alerts.

We’ll update our readers when a solution is found and/or the problem is fixed.