PS Plus Premium vs Extra

PS Plus Premium Has More Subscribers Than PS Plus Extra

Sony has revealed that as of March 2023, PS Plus Premium has more subscribers than PS Plus Extra. This revelation may come as a surprise to some, considering the Premium tier’s higher price tag as well as persistent complaints from users about lack of classics and Sony’s handling of game trials.

30% of PS Plus users subscribed to Extra and Premium following the service’s revamp

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan delivered a presentation focused on the PlayStation business yesterday, during which he revealed that 30% of PS Plus users subscribed to the Extra and Premium tiers when the service was revamped last year. As of March 2023, 14.1 million users are subscribed to Extra and Premium.

6.1 million (13%) of total subscribers are using Extra, and 8 million (17%) subscribers are on the Premium tier. Essential remains the most popular subscription tier.

Sony has made a visible effort in recent months to add more classics to Premium, and has addressed their performance issues. However, Deluxe users are still getting the short end of the stick. Deluxe is the supposed equivalent of Premium in regions where streaming isn’t viable, which means that PS3 classics remain off limits to these users.