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PS Plus Premium Users Upset Over Lack of Support

PS Plus Premium users are becoming increasingly discontent with their choice of tier, it seems. The most costly tier of the revamped PS Plus launched with a lot of promise: beloved classics, game trials, and everything in between. But the classics performed poorly right out of the gate and not a single classic was to be found in August 2022’s lineup. Now, PS Plus Premium users are taking to social media and internet forums to voice their concerns.

What PS Plus Premium users are saying

A quick look at the replies to the above tweet indicates that PS Plus Premium users want to know what exactly they’re paying the extra cash for. “I’m really struggling to see the point in keeping a premium sub when I could just drop to extra because the classic games and trials are so not worth it,” wrote one user. “The extra list is awesome, but you guys gotta step up the premium section,” wrote another. “The trials and classics section are abysmal. People are going to drop that tier quick if that is going to be your least priority when it comes to adding games.”

I gotta say that I agree. At present, I’m struggling to see the value in subscribing to PS Plus Premium but there are folks who stacked up on the highest tier and they’re understandably upset that they’re not getting their money’s worth.

Sony does plan to add more beloved Classics, if leaked listings for games like Dino Crisis are any indication, but how often they’ll be added to the service is anybody’s guess.

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