Days Gone 2 release date would have been set in 2023

Days Gone 2 Would Have Released a Month Ago, Says Former Dev

If Days Gone 2 had been greenlit, its release date would have been set in 2023. That’s according to former Bend Studio game director Jeff Ross, who’s been quite vocal in the past about the game that never was. Apparently, yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase was an unpleasant reminder that his pitch was declined.

Days Gone 2 release date window would be early 2023

Taking to Twitter, Ross revealed that PlayStation events bum him out because they somehow remind him that Days Gone 2 would have released by now “if we’d have just stuck to our guns.”

It’s unclear who “we” in this equation is, considering Sony was seemingly never on board for a sequel. At least that’s the impression we’ve received from comments previously made by Ross and former dev John Garvin, who’ve suggested that Days Gone 2 was doomed as soon as the original received lackluster reviews.

In a subsequent tweet, Ross reiterated that Sony doesn’t care about Days Gone 2.

Ross went on to say that he isn’t at liberty to share what Bend Studio had planned for Days Gone 2, but that he wanted to “double down on all the cool world systems to create some great emergent gameplay.”

Bend Studio’s new game — which is not Days Gone 2, to be very clear — has yet to be revealed.