PS5 console exclusive Phantom Blade Zero

PS5 Exclusive Phantom Blade Zero Length Revealed, Will Have Multiplayer & Open World Elements

Developer S-Game has announced that its action RPG Phantom Blade Zero will feature multiplayer as well as a semi-open world. Phantom Blade Zero was announced as a PS5 console exclusive during May 2023’s PlayStation Showcase, and its trailer wooed fans over. According to S-Game, all combat scenes featured in the trailer were in-engine.

Phantom Blade Zero PS5 endgame content revealed

In a Q&A session on Discord (thanks, MP1st), S-Game revealed that Phantom Blade Zero’s main story will take around 30-40 hours to complete. However, there will be endgame content that includes multiplayer dungeons, boss rushes, rogue-like abysses, and more.

S-Game has said that while Phantom Blade Zero will be a semi-open world and feature a map with multiple paths, players shouldn’t expect to be riding around on a horse from point A to point B.

Phantom Blade Zero tells the story of an assassin named Soul who has been framed for murder and gravely injured in a subsequent manhunt. However, a mystic healer manages to extend Soul’s life for 66 days during which he has to seek out the mastermind behind the murder while battling “powerful foes.” The game features hack-and-slash combat inspired by Ninja Gaiden.

Phantom Blade Zero’s release date has yet to be announced.