The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Price Reveals Budget Cost

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Price Reveals Budget Cost

Whereas many new games are starting to reach $69.99, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is going the opposite direction. Gun Media revealed the Texas Chain Saw Massacre price, noting it would be $39.99 across all platforms.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre won’t be $60 (or $70 for that matter)

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre price reveal comes as the game has gone live on digital storefronts. PS4, PS5, and Steam users even get an added discount, as it will be $35.99 until it launches on August 18. Xbox owners are not getting left out, as the asymmetric multiplayer game is launching on Game Pass.

Pre-orders for the physical version are live only at a few storefronts. The physical version also comes with a poster of the game’s box art, but supplies are limited.

Gun Media CEO Wes Keltner poked fun at the lower cost by pointing out how there’s no one set price for games and cheekily noting that players could just Venmo him the difference if they wanted.

Modern multiplayer games that aren’t free-to-play don’t often hit $59.99 (or $69.99 now). One of Gun’s last games, Friday the 13th: The Game, also launched at $39.99. Illfonic, which also worked on Friday the 13th, stuck to same price point for its following asymmetric multiplayer games based on film franchises from the 1980s, Predator: Hunting Grounds and Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.