Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus detailed

Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus Outlined

Square Enix has dropped some information about Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus, which offers a new mode that raises level cap to 100 and makes enemies more challenging.

Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus adds ‘Final Fantasy’ mode

Final Fantasy 16 director Hiroshi Takai told IGN that players can opt to complete their first playthrough in either the Action Focused mode or the Story Focused mode. Upon completing the campaign and unlocking New Game Plus, players will be able to opt for the Final Fantasy mode, which makes enemies more difficult by changing their positioning and behavior, and making them generally stronger. In some cases, enemy type will be changed altogether. To balance things, players will retain protagonist Clive’s level, gear, and abilities. Additionally, weapons can be upgraded further.

“You might suddenly be confronted by an elite monster that wasn’t there on your first playthrough,” Takai explained. One such enemy is the Iron Giant, which first appeared in Final Fantasy 2. Players will be awarded a Gold trophy for completing a playthrough in Final Fantasy mode.

This confirms that Final Fantasy 16’s Platinum trophy is going to be fairly challenging, and will require two full playthroughs since the Final Fantasy mode only unlocks in New Game Plus.