Final Fantasy 16 trophy list has been revealed

Final Fantasy 16 Trophy List Reveals Platinum Requirements

The Final Fantasy 16 trophy list has appeared online, revealing what appears to be a time-consuming hunt for the coveted Platinum award. The game comes with a total of 50 trophies, majority of which are Bronze.

Final Fantasy 16 trophy list and Platinum requirements

As revealed by PowerPyx, Final Fantasy 16 comes with 40 Bronze trophies, six Silver ones, and three Golds. At least 12 trophies are unmissable and unlocked by completing the story. Then, there are combat-related trophies that task players with finishing off enemies using various abilities, and dealing a ton of damage. One trophy requires players to kill a boss without taking any damage, which may prove challenging on higher difficulties.

Speaking of difficulties, there is a Gold trophy associated with finishing the game on “Final Fantasy mode,” which might be the hardest difficulty.

Other than the above, Final Fantasy 16 appears to have trophies that may be a bit of a grind. There is a Gold trophy for fully upgrading all abilities, for example, and there are quite a few collectibles to gather as well.

Overall, it looks like players will need at least two playthroughs to obtain all the trophies in Final Fantasy 16. The game will release on June 22.