Scorn PS5 Release Date Announced, Nearly Marks Horror Game's First Anniversary

Scorn PS5 Release Date Announced, Will Have Exclusive DualSense Features

The Scorn PS5 port was previously announced for the fall, and now developer Ebb Software has narrowed it down even more. The company revealed that the first-person horror title would be coming to PS5 on October 3.

The Scorn PS5 port has a small pre-order discount

This date put its almost one year from its original release on October 14, 2022 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. And like those versions, it will be $39.99 on PS5. Those who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus and pre-order on the PlayStation Store will get 10% off. The game launched on Xbox Game Pass, but, despite coming on the first Tuesday of the month when the Essential titles drop, it was not announced for any tier of PlayStation Plus.

Game director Ljubomir Peklar spoke briefly about the port. It was already confirmed to run at a 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, but he also talked vaguely about the DualSense’s unique features and their effect on the game.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the release date for Scorn on PlayStation 5 and bring our nightmarish experience to a whole new set of players,” said Peklar. “We’ve taken full advantage of the DualSense’s capabilities to heighten the level of immersion when playing on PlayStation 5. From the haptic feedback of the controller which varies depending on the in-game sound and intensity of the situation to the adaptive triggers which make every tool and weapon feel unique. The introduction of these features take Scorn’s horrors to a whole new level, gripping players in an entirely fresh way.”

Scorn PS5 Release Date Announced, Nearly Marks Horror Game's First Anniversary

The Deluxe Edition will also be at “select retailers” and come with a physical copy of the game, a steelbook, and digital copies of the soundtrack and 192-page artbook. It is $49.99.

Scorn was played by 2 million players as of June 2023. It started out as a failed Kickstarter game from 2014 that was successfully funded in a second Kickstarter in 2017. The obtuse horror game was met with lukewarm reviews when it came to Xbox Series X|S and PC, garnering an average score of 69 on OpenCritic.

Many praised its H.R. Giger-inspired visuals and unique presentation, but it was widely panned for its vague puzzles, frustrating combat, and infrequent checkpoints. However, an early patch “updated checkpoint positions,” so it’s possible that they’re a little more lenient now. This PS5 port was hinted at in June with some cryptic tweets that pointed to the PlayStation face buttons.