dragon's dogma 2 1.060 update

Dragon’s Dogma 2 1.060 Update Fixes Quest Progression Issues

The latest Dragon’s Dogma 2 patch is a small one, but fixes a big problem. The Dragon’s Dogma 2 1.060 update not only squashes some bugs, it solves issues preventing quest progression.

The 1.050 update released at the end of March addressed PS5 performance issues, but the celebrated Capcom RPG was still suffering from some other technical issues.

The latest patch notes for the Dragon’s Dogma 2 1.060 update can be seen below. They’re not exactly extensive, but will hopefully help players frustrated by

Dragon’s Dogma 2 1.060 update notes

  • Fixed issues that prevented progression in some quests.
  • Fixed some terrain that caused characters to get stuck.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Since its release last month, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has gained plenty of praise despite its technical issues and aggressive microtransactions (albeit optional and for items easily found in-game).

Nicholas Tan reviewed the game for PlayStation Lifestyle and handed it a 9/10, writing, ”Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a funny valentine. The graphics aren’t particularly stunning, the quest progression can be vague, and it has some deliberately old-school ideas that are frustrating to deal with. Still, the game is able to capture a sense of freedom and wonder while delivering on challenging boss fights throughout exploration. It’s one of the few games that has made me want to investigate every inch of the world map without any prompting by the game through a notification or a quest. And I haven’t had that sensation in an astonishingly long time.”