dragon's dogma 2 sales milestone

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Hits a New Sales Milestone

Fresh off joining Capcom’s Platinum club, there’s a new Dragon’s Dogma 2 sales milestone reached for the action RPG adventure.

Three is the magic number for Dragon’s Dogma 2 sales milestone

Having racked up over 2.5 million copies sold in its first week of release, the game has slowed to a steadier crawl in the last two months. But Capcom has confirmed Dragon’s Dogma 2 has passed the 3 million copies sold milestone.

Roughly speaking, that now puts the game at about 36th on Capcom’s all-time best-sellers list. It sells as many copies as the PS3-era version of Devil May Cry 4 and DmC Devil May. It’s just beyond the original Resident Evil and closing in on Street Fighter 6, which has sold around 3.3 million.

It’s already outperforming its predecessor after garnering rave reviews. It did suffer a bit of post-launch backlash after Capcom added a selection of microtransactions on launch day. Capcom stated all microtransactions were just as easily obtainable in-game. It’s a practice the company has, in fairness, been doing for a while. Resident Evil games usually come with microtransactions for in-game unlockables.

In the quickly-shifting world of online opinion, it’s likely the needless controversy (coupled with Denuvo on PC) didn’t help Dragon’s Dogma 2 in reaching this sales milestone sooner. But hey, it’s not bad for the sequel to a massively underplayed game