Astro Bot Free DLC

Astro Bot Will Have Free Post-Launch DLC

Team Asobi studio head Nicolas Doucet has confirmed that Astro Bot will get free post-launch DLC. The content will come in the form of free updates “soon” after launch, although we didn’t get an exact window as to when we can expect the DLC after the game is released in September.

What’s in the free Astro Bot post-launch DLC?

The free DLC will include more challenge levels. These are shorter levels where players are given a specific platforming challenge to complete. Doucet told IGN that there will be other things included in the DLC too, although this content wasn’t specified.

We can guess what the content updates might also include alongside the challenge levels. The pre-order bonuses and Digital Deluxe Edition will include outfits for Astro and paint colors for the Dual Speeder, and it’s likely the content updates will also include these. These might include more PlayStation characters to go alongside the 150 cameos already in the game. Ratchet, Rivet, PaRappa, Lammy, Kratos, Atreus, Jak, and the Traveler from Journey are PlayStation characters that have been confirmed in the game.

Fans will also be hoping for more larger character-themed levels. The game will launch with approximately 80 levels, spread around “more than 50 exciting and diverse worlds.” Recent hands-on previews took place in a level where players had to rescue Kratos and Atreus bots before they flew off to another world. Doucet refused to confirm a God of War-themed level but told IGN that “the hammer and the two Odin’s Ravens kind of give it away, but what happens inside that world is TBD. Please play it when it comes out”.