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PlayStation Stars Members Worried About Losing Points Due to Bizarre Sony Email

Players are becoming increasingly concerned about their PS Stars points amid a lengthy ongoing outage as they are now receiving a bizarre email from Sony welcoming them into the program. A number of users have reported receiving said email early in the morning despite being members with thousands of points racked up.

Players fear Sony might reset their PS Stars points following outage

“Thanks for joining us!” the email reads. “As a member of the PlayStation Stars community, you can now participate in a wide variety of campaigns to gain exclusive collectibles, and earn points to redeem against items in your reward catalogue.”

Recipients of the aforementioned email took to Reddit to express concerns that their points might have been reset. “Before the outage, I was Level 4 with 20,000-ish redeemable points,” one user wrote. “I hope they haven’t stuffed this up more than they already have.”

Other users also reported receiving the email, but since it hasn’t gone out to all existing members (yet), we’re assuming that this is just a glitch on Sony’s end. The optimist in us believes that the email indicates that Sony is actively doing something with the loyalty program, and it may be back online soon.