Sony PS Portal update June

PS Portal Players Reporting Connectivity Issues Following Update 3.0.0

PS Portal update 3.0.0 rolled out yesterday, and it seems to have resulted in connectivity problems and other issues for quite a few players. We’ve seen enough complaints across gaming forums and social media to deduce that these aren’t isolated incidents. However, Sony has yet to acknowledge any issues.

PS Portal update 3.0.0 caused connection problems and visual issues, players say

The latest Portal update was supposed to enable support for public wi-fi, but a large number of players have reported that they’re now experiencing issues with their own home connections.

Numerous threads have popped up on Reddit, where people are not only reporting that they’re being kicked off of their home wi-fi, but they’re also seeing strange dips in image quality. Some commenters responded by saying that they haven’t experienced any issues, while others have said that they are.

Similar posts have popped up on X. In a few extreme cases we’ve seen, players have reported that their Portals are now bricked.

One Reddit user has suggested attempting a factory reset after the update for those who are experiencing the aforementioned issues. However, if you believe your handheld is bricked, we recommend contacting Sony support in your region.