PlayStation vs. Xbox

Ex PlayStation Boss Thinks We Should Have One Standard Console in Future

Former Sony Interactive Entertainment executive Shawn Layden reckons that it’s time for PlayStation vs Xbox debates to end. His proposal: “one standard home console technology.” Layden believes that the differences between both platforms are negligible, which was not the case in the past.

Companies need to get PlayStation vs Xbox platform war ‘out of the way,’ says Shawn Layden

Speaking at IGN Live 2024 (via GamesRadar), Layden said that Sony and Microsoft used to manufacture their consoles with very different architectures, making the differences between them noticeable. However, that is no longer the case, with both companies producing very similar hardware using the same type of technology from manufacturers like AMD.

Layden said that things like “ray tracing differentials” aren’t very noticeable, especially since most players don’t have high-end displays. “Xbox, PlayStation, high-end PC — that’s almost at a plateau where all things being equal, they’re pretty much the same,” Layden remarked. “We’d be in a better world if we could get down to one standard home console technology that we could come together, and get this platform war thing out of the way”

Layden’s suggestion hasn’t been well received by players who believe that both Sony and Microsoft should have competition in the market.