Stellar Blade update

Stellar Blade Update 1.005 Released

Shift Up has rolled out Stellar Blade update 1.005, patch notes for which aren’t available yet. It’s a small update, weighing under 500 MB on the PS5. We believe this patch may have been pushed out to address the visual issues experienced by some players after the previous update, but this has yet to be officially confirmed.

Stellar Blade update 1.005 (June 25, 2024) expected patch notes

Update 1.004, which added new outfits last week, inadvertently messed up Stellar Blade’s Balanced and Graphics modes with blurry and fuzzy images. This prompted some players to switch to Performance Mode, but Shift Up was swiftly made aware of the problem, which some said was even visible on the game’s title screen.

Shift Up acknowledged the problem and said that it was working with Sony to release a patch quickly. We’re pretty sure that this is what update 1.005 is all about, but will be able to confirm when players who were experiencing the visual issues report back, or if/when Shift Up reveals the patch notes.

Unfortunately, Sony has taken away the ability to check patch notes on the PS5, so all we can share is the game version and patch size for now. Stay tuned for updates.