Stellar Blade roadmap

Stellar Blade Roadmap Reveals Photo Mode, Free Updates

Shift Up shared Stellar Blade roadmap during a press conference ahead of an IPO, revealing plans for a Photo Mode and further updates. The presentation reveals a tentative release window for the Photo Mode, new character skins/outfits, and an IP collaboration for paid DLC.

Stellar Blade roadmap detailed

The slide in question was shared by Korean website Gamevu and carries a “strictly confidential” label, so we won’t embed it here. However, we’ll share a breakdown for our readers.

A Photo Mode, which is currently under review, is scheduled for August. Following a month-long break, Shift Up plans to release another character skin for Eve in October. The outfit is also under review, but is likely to be free in line with Shift Up’s current strategy for add-ons.

Stellar Blade is expected to release a collaboration with an unannounced IP in December. Shift Up has previously said that any IP collaborations will be paid DLC. There’s some speculation that we may get a Nier crossover following the Nikke collaboration, but Shift Up hasn’t hinted at anything yet.

Last but not least, the roadmap reiterates that Shift Up is looking into further DLC and a sequel. A PC port of Stellar Blade is also under consideration.