PS Portal web browser

Lack of PS Portal Web Browser Continues to Annoy Players

The lack of a PS Portal web browser continues to vex players nearly eight months after the remote player launched. The issue keeps cropping up from time to time as players use workarounds to access a hidden browser tucked away in the console’s settings, but its use is limited and cumbersome.

How to access PS Portal’s hidden web browser

As explained by folks over at XtremePS3, PS Portal’s “hidden” browser can be accessed by going to the handheld’s settings, selecting “legal notices,” and then “other documents,” which open up in a browser. However, Sony has severely limited its use. Frankly, it’s less frustrating to not use it at all.

The omission was particularly annoying when players wanted to use their PS Portal in public, and network access required a web browser. People previously used workarounds like using a phone to connect to public WiFi, and then use the phone as a hotspot. It was only recently that Sony added a QR authentication method to resolve this issue.

The allure of PS Portal is to connect to your PS5 and play games while away from the console. That said, it would be nice to have a simple web browser for some basic tasks outside of gaming.