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WWE 2K17 Update 1.06 Fixes Bugs, Adds Hall of Fame Showcase DLC Support

PS3 update last week fixed New Moves Pack issue.

WWE 2K17 Update 1.05 Preps for the Future Stars Pack, Fixes Issues

It’s about 1.1GB.

WWE 2K17 Update 1.04 Today on PS4 & Xbox One Adds DLC Support, Fixes Issues

The New Moves Pack doesn’t have a release date yet.

Take-Two CEO Discusses WWE 2K Quality, Says Battleborn Was A “Disappointment”

Plus, thoughts on Evolve.

WWE 2K17 Update 1.03 Today on PS4 Fixes Rest Mode Save Issue

And a whole bunch of other issues.

WWE 2K17 Update 1.01 on PS3 & Xbox One Fixes Gameplay Issues

Goldberg Pack launches next week.

WWE 2K17 Update 1.02 Today on PS4 & Xbox One Fixes Numerous Issues, Is 5.6GB

Support added for the upcoming Legends Pack.

WWE 2K17 Review – Who’s Next? (PS4)

Is it phenomenal like AJ Styles?

PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for October 11-October 18, 2016

A special anniversary and the dawn of something new.

Report: WWE 2K17 Update 1.01 Is 11GB on PS4 & Xbox One

New trailer is all about the controls.

WWE 2K17 Season Pass & Post-Launch DLC Fully Detailed

Digital Deluxe Edition includes the Season Pass and extra DLC.

WWE 2K17 Features Revealed, Largest Roster in Franchise History

This is just the first features reveal according to 2K.

WWE 2K17 Season Pass Revealed, Includes Four DLC Packs

All packs will be out by April 2017.

WWE 2K17 NXT Collector’s Edition for PS4 & Xbox One Includes Collectible Figurine, Enhancement Pack

It wasn’t announced for PS3 or Xbox 360.

WWE 2K17 Releases on October 11 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One & Xbox 360

Brock Lesnar is the cover athlete.

Goldberg Unveiled as WWE 2K17 Pre-Order Bonus

Perks include alternate costumes and two playable arenas.

Take-Two: Rockstar Games Is Working On “Exciting Future Projects That Will Be Revealed Soon”

WWE 2K17 launches in October 2016.