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E3 To Be Dominated By Short People

May 21, 2009Written by Kyle P.

A recent Los Angeles Craigslist ad is seeking two, outgoing, short people to “run a muck” for a promotion, during this years E3.

The ad specifies that all interested parties must not be shy, be under 4’2″ in height, and be able to run around in a costume all day. The company involved is willing to shell out $80/hour. So, whatever the company wants to promote, must be good.

2 very outgoing people under 4’0-4’2 needed to dress in costume and run a muck during an outdoor promotion in LA. You CANNOT be shy. You will need to work all days and times.

Dates: 6/1- 6/4

Times: 11am-5pm

Location: E3 Expo

Pay: $80/hr

If you are available please send an email with the following:

-Full name

-Contact number

-Full availability


-3 Work References

-2 photos, including at least 1 full length

[Craiglist Ad]