NCsoft Has No Plans to Bring Aion or Guild Wars to PS3

August 19, 2009Written by Connor Sky


In 2007, Sony revealed that through a new contract, NCsoft would produce PlayStation 3 exclusives using both old and new IP’s. Ever since the announcement, gamers have wondered exactly which titles NCsoft would bring to the PS3.

According to an email we received from a NCsoft representative, you can now cross Aion: Tower of Eternity and Guild Wars off the list of possible PS3 titles.

A NCsoft representative said:

“This year at GamesCom, we are showing Aion and Guild Wars. Just for your information, all of our games are available only on the PC and we have no plans at this time to put them on the PlayStation.”

So it appears “at this time” NCsoft is mainly focused on PC titles. We have yet to hear what their plans are for Blade and Soul, an Asian martial arts MMO that was revealed last year, however until we receive official confirmation, everything is pure speculation.

Check out the Blade and Soul trailer below:

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