Zombie Tycoon Scaring Up the PSP Go

August 19, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Players Face the Challenges of Being Zombie CEO in New Downloadable Game

Cologne, GERMANY – August 19th, 2009—For those avoiding the stock market in this recession, apply your managerial skills to amassing live brains rather than cold, hard cash. In Zombie Tycoon, living dead video game aficionados will encounter a completely new set of challenges in their roll as zombie overlord—responsible for the overall strategy of attack and the well-being of their troops in the attempt to spread the undead across the globe. Along with the fast-paced action found in games where players control more self-serving zombies, Frima Studios has added humorous strategies and managerial challenges into the game play for a new take on a classic genre.

Zombie Tycoon is the thinking man’s zombie game,” commented Frima’s CEO Steve Couture. “It is about time for humans to try to understand what it feels like to be a zombie. By putting a humorous zombie army in the player’s control and by having funny items to arm those zombies with, we hope to show the lighter side of the classic zombie genre and the subtleness of zombies’ personality…”

Frima Studios is collaborating with Sony and Telefilm Canada on the release of Zombie Tycoon. The game will be supported by Sony’s new portable game console, PSP Go. However, unlike previous PSP games, Zombie Tycoon will be available exclusively as a download through “The Minis” on Sony’s new Playstation Store.

Visit zombietycoon.com to see the trailer and more information on the game.