DLC Inbound for Valkyria Chronicles

September 5, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


Valkyria Chronicles hit last year to great reception from writers all over for its great gameplay, solid storytelling and likable characters.  This has so far spawned 3 Downloadable Content Packs here in the US, and it looks like we have not heard the last of Welkin and Squad 7.

Today Sega has announced that a fourth DLC Pack will hit the PS3 in the Winter of 2010.  We can only hope a typo was made as DLC is not usually announced a full year in advance.  The pack is titled “Challenges from Team Edy” and is set to test your strategy skills in all new missions!   Valkyria Chronicles is set in an alternate Europe during the middle of a turbulent war.  You play as Welkin Gunther, the son of a former General who gets sucked into the war.  You must command Welkin and the rest of his squad to victory in this great strategy RPG.

If you have not played this game, please check out our review.


So is anyone out there going to have their hand at these Challenges?