Atelier Rorona Gets an English Tutor

September 16, 2009Written by Cameron Teague


It looks like the good news for PS3 RPG fans just keeps coming, this time in the form of the PS3 Exclusive RPG Atelier Rorona. The news comes from the European PlayStation Blog and Allison Walter, Product and Development Manager for NIS Europe and America.

When asked about news on Atelier Rorona, Allison Walter had this to say.

I can now answer! Yes, we are working on Atelier Rorona right now. It should be coming out in English and French next year. Thanks for reminding me to talk about it!

The game, which was released in Japan on June 25th of this year is the eleventh installment in the Atelier series, and continues the series’ emphasis on item synthesis. No word has been mentioned yet on a US Release but we are confident that NISA will bring this over to the States.