Gust Concocts Atelier Meruru Details

March 23, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Gust’s Atelier series will be hitting PS3 once again with Atelier Meruru. Familiar faces from the other PS3-based installments of the popular RPG series will be making appearances in the game, as well. Totori and Rorona are back, with Totori having grown to be 19 years old and Rorona somehow being…younger, even though the game is not a prequel.

North American gamers will know Rorona from her NISA-published namesake, Atelier Rorona; the same character made a comeback in the (so far) Japan-only Atelier Totori, in which she was Totori’s teacher. Gust has not yet explained what exactly happened in time, space, or the alchemy pot to make Rorona somehow younger even though time has obviously moved forward. Atelier Meruru will star a new teenage protagonist under the instruction of Totori and Rorona and take place in Earls. Totori and Rorona had previously had their alchemic adventures in Arland.

Dengeki PlayStation promises even more coverage in its next issue. North America has been hit and miss in getting Atelier titles. NIS America localized the Ateleir Iris trilogy for PS2, but perhaps newer titles have not proven profitable. The company has not specifically said, so while that’s a logical assumption, it’s not definite at this time. On the DS, Atelier Annie made the swim while Lina stayed in Japan. Atelier Rorona came to North American PS3s a year and a half after its Japanese release, but as of now there are no announcements or hints regarding possible localizations of Atelier Totori (PS3), Atelier Violet (PSP), or Atelier Julie (PSP).

Fans of this turn-based, item-crafting JRPG series will simply have to wait and see. Below is the new Dengeki cover, showing the game’s characters.

[Source: Dengeki PlayStation Magazine No. 492]