PlayStation Beats Xbox At Coolness Contest

October 3, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Between the fanboys of the beloved PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, one must always come up on top. Whether it be for graphics, or games, or even online, it always has to be something. But, how about coolness? Is PlayStation perhaps cooler than Xbox?

The answer is a simple, yes. According to the annual CoolBrands, the PlayStation brand is in fact above Xbox. The list is done yearly by CoolBrands, and brings the top 500 brands into one neat pile. This year, the survey sampled 2 500 people, who were defined as ‘influential opinion formers’. PlayStation listed a nice 10, while Xbox was close behind at number 11.

1. iPhone (up one place)

2. Aston Martin (down one)

3. Apple (same position)

4. iPod (up 36 places)

5. Nintendo (up two places)

6. YouTube (down one place)

7. BlackBerry (up 16 places)

8. Google (down two places)

9. Bang & Olufsen (down five places)

10. PlayStation (up five places)

11. Xbox (up 28)

12. Tate Modern (down two)

13. Dom Perignon (down two places)

14. Virgin Atlantic (down two places)

15. Ferrari (down two places)

16. Sony (same position)

17. Mini (up 11 places)

18. Vivienne Westwood (up 23 places)

19. Rolex (down ten places)

20. BBC iPlayer (New entry)

Sony also took a spot, as seen above, at number 16. Microsoft, however, was nowhere to be found.