Burnout DLC May Have Been Out of this World

December 20, 2009Written by Dan Massi

Last January, Burnout Paradise was released to the masses. The title was well-received, and was thought by gamers across the globe to be one of the best racing titles. With the game came incredible amounts of options to enjoy racing across Paradise City. Plus, developer Criterion Games continued to add new cars to race with, and new locations to traverse. However, some DLC never made it to fruition, Criterion has revealed.

The biggest DLC that was dicussed, but was never released, was the Moon. Yes, Criterion Games was actually considering the Moon for a location in Burnout Paradise. To get to the Moon, a player may of had to reach a certain rank, or complete a certain number of challenges. When you did reach these goals, a rocket pad would be unlocked. Going on this rocket pad would lead you to, of course, the Moon.

Planes were first revealed on April Fools, so many gamers believed that the option of getting planes in Burnout was a simple joke. However, Criterion Games did reveal that planes were to be included in the game. The viewpoints from the plane though, onto Paradise City, proved to be a problem for Criterion though. Speaking of planes, helicopters were also considered for Burnout Paradise DLC. A plan was even to have driving players and flying players work together to complete challenges.

To stay on topic of vehicles, boats were discussed by the development team. Unfortunately, they were never prototyped. Criterion Games even planned to make more islands in Paradise City, though that did not make it either. Players would also be able to race in their boats to the different islands located around the city.

When motorcycles were first announced for Burnout Paradise, many probably wondered if they were to be combined with the cars (such as in races, events, etc). Though, this did not happen, as you can only join an online motorcycle game if you did in fact own a motorcycle. This went for cars as well. Criterion had planned to mix cars and motorcycles together, but it was too hard for a motorcycle to take down a car.

Finally, the last two proposed DLC for Burnout Paradise may have been the most reasonable, and the strangest. The most reasonable would have been an underground world for Paradise City. The idea was first spoken of on the Burnout  Paradise forums, where it was hinted you could somehow drive under the city. The strangest, but certainly the coolest, was time travel. Yes, you did hear that right. Criterion had time travel planned for Burnout Paradise, though some members believed this was going too far. Although this would have went perfect with the replica Back to the Future car…

So, now that you have heard the proposed DLC for Burnout Paradise, which one of them would you have liked to see? Post your comments below!