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Best Buy’s Official Gaming Magazine Now Available

July 7, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Last month, Best Buy announced they’d be releasing an official video game magazine called @Gamer, available by both subscription ($19.99 for 10 issues) or in-store ($5.99 per issue). The magazine which features Medal of Honor on the cover of its debut issue is now available, and is definitely worth it’s asking price. We’ll explain why…

The main reason why it’s worth the price, is because it’s being published by Future Publishing, the firm responsible for many magazines and online publications, most notable to gamers would be PlayStation: The Official magazine, GamesRadar. Even the PlayStation Network exclusive, Qore, is in thanks to Future.

Next up would be the talented editing staff who is producing the content. Editor-In-Chief of @Gamer is William O’Neal, who has experience working at Ziff Davis, CNet, and G4TV’s Attack of the Show.

Last but certainly not least would be the amazing deals found within the magazine (or at least the debut issue). The magazine’s cover reveals that there are $145 in savings in this issue alone. You’ll find coupons for up to $20 off select PS3 and Xbox 360 games. So if you’re in the market for any of the games in the magazine, you might want to pick it up for that reason alone. You’ll be getting some great reading material to boot!