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Last Official Gaming Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Turning Lights Off

The Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM) UK has called it quits, marking the end of an era. It was the last official games magazine still in circulation since they first started 33 years ago. As reported by Video Games Chronicle, OPM continued following the closures of Official Nintendo Magazine in 2014 and Official Xbox Magazine in 2020. All three were published by Future.

In a press release, Future said that it will now publish a new (unlicensed) magazine for PlayStation gamers called PLAY, with the aim of going “farther and deeper than ever before into the world of PlayStation gaming.” Future didn’t say why it decided to pull the plug on OPM in favor of yet another PlayStation-focused magazine, but the press release alludes to Sony having a say in the decision to not renew the license.

A statement reads:

All good things come to an end, and along with Sony we felt that the Official PlayStation Magazine had finally earned a well-deserved retirement. However, we still love PlayStation and magazines, and we know you do too, so PLAY Magazine came to life.

PLAY Magazine is made at the same place (Future) and by the same editorial team as Official PlayStation Magazine. Editor Ian Dean has over 20 years of experience as a video games journalist and leads a passionate team who have worked in print since PS1’s heyday. Whether it’s recalling Lara Croft’s debut or the latest indie hit, the PLAY Magazine team has you covered.

PLAY magazine will be available digitally and in print worldwide. In the US and Canada, you’ll find copies at your local bookstores including Barnes & Noble.

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