First Hitman 5 Screenshot Unveiled, E3 Reveal Hinted at

March 21, 2011Written by Zak Islam

The last Hitman title on PlayStation consoles was released years ago on the PS2. Since then, developer IO Interactive has stayed silent on any possible development on Hitman 5 – a game that has been all but confirmed. With the Hitman series bringing a unique take on the stealth genre fans and gamers alike have been eager to hear information regarding a new Hitman title. Now, Hitman 5 developments have been building up steadily; just recently screenshots pointed towards the game’s existence. Members of the Hitman community have been playing an alternate reality game that has now revealed what surely is the first screenshot of Hitman 5.

An alternate reality game that has been played by members of the Hitman community over on the game’s forums has unveiled various images of Hitman.

The CG image, seen below, shows the series’ protagonist Agent 47 applying a silencer to a gun. Shortly after the images were uncovered, developer IO Interactive confirmed in a post on the Hitman forum that the alternate reality game has finished and the game which the screenshot came from will be revealed during E3