Obvious Hitman 5 Photos from IO Beg to be Taken Out

March 18, 2011Written by Max Murray

Do you remember last October when David Bateson accidentally dropped a line about the never-before-mentioned Hitman 5, right after saying he wasn’t allowed to talk under contract? Then IO bashfully denied the claim, only to immediately have two of their developers list Hitman 5 on their resume?

Well now, in what could very well turn out to be the worst kept video game sequel secret, further hints for another Hitman title have hit the internet almost as nonchalantly as a florescent green, bow-tied body-filled burlap sack tossed  precariously into a public pool.

An advertisement in a catalogue at the Sundance Film Festival showed an ordinary box of donuts with a barcode that was anything but. The UPC rests on top of a russian domain name, hitmanseries.ru, and features a red 47 as the final two digits. This was posted over on Hitmanforum where debates and investigations have taken place between series fans and even a community manager from IO.

Eventually, two additional photos were sent to a member of the community, each appearing to have another Hitman related item in them. The jury’s still out in regards to a possible hidden message spread between the various UPC numbers, but take a look below and see if you can find one!



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