Insomniac Considered Bringing Back Nathan Hale for Resistance 3

September 2, 2011Written by Josh Lewis

Joseph Capelli is the new star in the upcoming Resistance 3, but Insomniac did consider bringing back Nathan Hale, the main character from Resistance 2. However, Insomniac ultimately decided that bringing Hale back wouldn’t create a very believable story. Spoiler warning – this post contains details about the story (and end) of Resistance 2.

Speaking in regards to bringing Hale back, Drew Murray, lead designer at Insomniac told USA Today:

We discussed whether or not Hale was really dead for about four to six weeks at the start of development. There was talk about bringing him back as a half-Chimeran super-powered character, possibly as a playable character, a friendly NPC, or even as an enemy. Ultimately, we agreed it felt a little bit B-movie to bring him back and moved on.

Insomniac has gone on the record stating that they are not currently slated to develop Resistance 4, hinting that the franchise may be handed over to another developer. Hopefully, the compelling story that they have crafted for Resistance 3 will carry their legacy forward to whoever Sony decides to hand the franchise over to.