Tales of Xillia Mandatory Install Size Revealed

September 3, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Tales of Xillia comes out on September 8th in Japan, and when it does, it will be hopping aboard the trend of making its data installation a requirement.

As often happens in Japan, 2chan has provided an early, low quality photo (honestly, guys, you invented the camera phone, get some better ones.) It reveals that 2,300 MB of space will need to be available on your PS3’s hard drive. Kinda sucks that it’s mandatory but thankfully it’s pretty small. Here’s the leaked packshot:

It’s not been said whether the special edition PS3 console comes with this pre-installed or not. I think it should, after all, if I’m buying your special console, the least you can do is save me a few minutes on Friday.

Tales of Xillia is in high demand in Japan, as it’s the first PS3-exclusive Tales game. As such, it recently became the most pre-ordered Tales title. Check out some screenshots here and dig a trailer we posted over here.

The game has not yet been announced for localization anywhere outside of Japan.