Neversoft Developing a Multiplayer First-Person Shooter

September 22, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

That’s right, developer Neversoft – the team who worked on Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk – is currently developing a first-person shooter for Activision.

This tidbit of info was spotted on Neversoft’s hiring page, where the company lists positions including a Windows PC Platform Lead Engineer: FPS, a Studio Art Director, Sr. Technical Artist: FPS, Sr. Level Designer: FPS, Senior Environment Artist: FPS, and several others, many of which bear the ‘FPS’ tag in the title.

It does seem a bit odd for Neversoft to be moving in this direction, but considering they’ve jumped from skateboarding titles to music-rhythm games in the past, first-person shooters aren’t all that farfetched. Plus, Activision has this “mildly popular” shooter series called Call of Duty, have you ever heard of it?

Well, I for one am hoping that Neversoft isn’t working on a Call of Duty title, considering their track record with other franchises. If anything, this is the developer Activision uses to milk the life out of whatever popular franchises they have at the time, so it may be best if the Neversoft guys steer clear of Activision’s mega-franchise and create something completely unique.