PSA: Game Sharers Should Buy PSN Games Now

November 16, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Do you have more than 2 PS3s or PSPs, or do you share your PSN games with other family members? If so, you might want to buy any PlayStation Network games you had your eyes on right now.

Why? Because tonight is your last chance to get a game that can be shared on more than 2 consoles, with Sony’s new limitations taking place after the PSN maintenance starting 8am PST tomorrow in the US and 4pm GMT in Europe. That means that you only have a few hours to buy games, before they are hit with the new limitation rules, and can no longer be shared on 5 consoles. Luckily, the new rule isn’t retroactive, so games bought now can be shared to the maximum number of consoles.

Are you a game sharer? Will you buy some PSN games now, while you still can? Tell us in the comments below.