Army Corps of Hell Rated By ESRB

November 25, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

PlayStation Vita launch title Army Corps of Hell was unveiled back at the Tokyo Game Show earlier in the year, but little was shown about the Overlord-style game other than a short reveal trailer. Luckily, the ESRB has let slip a few new details about the game, and about what cruel things you can do to your poor minions.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board rated the game as mature, saying:

This is an action-strategy game in which players assume the role of a power-hungry demon that wants to take over the world. From a top-down perspective, players strategically move goblin swarms around each stage, using a variety of attacks (e.g., melee, ranged, magic) to kill gargoyles, floating eyeballs, giant worms, and other monsters. Players’ goblin “minions” can also be stomped on, burned, or electrocuted by enemy creatures; the frenetic battles are accompanied by slashing sounds and large splashes of blood that stain the ground. Larger monsters can be dismembered during combat (e.g., a minotaur’s tail, a dragon’s wing spikes), and most bosses are decapitated when killed; in one sequence, a dismembered demon crawls across the ground as blood spurts from its body.

Army Corps of Hell will be out alongside the Vita on December 17th in Japan, and February 22nd in the US and Europe.