Rumor: Cloud Gaming Deal with Sony “Close to Being Signed”

May 30, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Reports continue to point towards the likelihood of Sony announcing a cloud-based gaming deal with Gaikai or OnLive, as alleged inside sources claim that a deal is “close to being signed.”

According to MCV, it looks like Sony is in the final stages of acquiring a “high profile cloud gaming firm.” While the source didn’t specify which gaming firm it is, the two most notable are Gaikai and OnLive, so we’re betting it is one of the two.

Last week it was rumored that Sony would be announcing such a deal at their E3 press conference, which is now less than one week away. The source also goes on to hint at the fact that this will likely be part of Sony’s strategy for their next generation hardware, as well another step forward in their continued effort to deliver PlayStation content to those that may not necessarily own a console.

We’ll just have to remain patient until Monday when we’ll finally find out exactly what Sony has in store for PlayStation gamers. Until then, keep it locked to PlayStation LifeStyle for all your gaming needs.