Visceral Games Australia Was Working on a Vita Title Before It Closed

June 3, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

As E3 fast approaches, we’ve been reporting on the ton of Vita games that are on the horizon. Unfortunately, this time we have some bad news, and have uncovered a Vita game that may never see the light of day.

Visceral Games Melbourne were working on a PS Vita specific title, according to several LinkedIn profiles we have spotted. The main Redmond-based Visceral Games is best known for their Dead Space series as well as Dante’s Inferno and The Godfather games, with Melbourne having helped out on some projects. Visceral Games Melbourne then began work on their own game for PS3 and 360, as well as a Vita game and Wii title. Glen Stuart lists on his LinkedIn for VG Melbourne:

Unannounced title (XBox360 / PlayStation 3)

Unannounced title (PlayStation Vita / PSP2)

Unannounced title (Wii)

David Flower’s LinkedIn also mentions that Melbourne worked on “Sony Playstation Portable 2”. It’s not clear whether the Vita game was a port of the new IP that was set to come to PS3 and 360, although the wording does make it seem like a separate title. Sadly, EA decided to close the studio for reasons unknown, so it’s likely that the game was also canceled.

There is a tiny bit of hope left however, with developers like Flower having moved to Visceral Games Redmond to either help with Dead Space 3, or possibly continue their Vita project.