Devil May Cry Demo Hopes to Disprove Your Hate Next Week

November 14, 2012Written by Jesse Meikle

Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry reboot has been met with nearly universal dissatisfaction among fans of the series. The hatred is generally pointed solely at Dante’s profane-spewing “emo” re-imagining. Though, some have voiced skepticism towards the gameplay as well, calling it “floaty” and “too easy.” It’s worth noting that DmC does run at 30 FPS, which is slower than previous entries in the saga’s 60 frame standard.

Although Devil May Cry launches January 15th of next year, Capcom is releasing a DmC demo on November 20th. This is a smart move that will hopefully help quell fan fears, and gameplay related concerns. Hell, maybe the demo will help change some minds about Dante too.

The demo features two missions from Devil May Cry, including a large scale boss battle. You’ll be able to play through the demo with “a few of the game’s difficulty modes” including the “Son of Sparda” mode. This sounds like a fairly beefy demo, hopefully it’ll be enough for the Devil May Cry community to properly gage DmC’s merit.

Are you looking forward to Devil May Cry? Will a demo be enough to sway you one way, or the other?

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