New Videos: Batman: Arkham Origins Teaser, Fuse Launch Trailer, Diggs Nightcrawler Art and Design

May 16, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Since they all became available at pretty much the same time, we decided to put the new videos for Batman: Arkham Origins, Fuse, and Diggs Nightcrawler into a single post.

Starting with Batman, the Arkham Origins teaser trailer is very much a tease, letting us know at the end that the full version won’t be available until May 20th:

Ted Price asked the DR crew a hard-hitting question this week and Dan gave you his thoughts on Fuse earlier today. Now, Insomniac has released the launch trailer for Fuse, two weeks ahead of when you can actually buy it in stores and on the PSN:

Finally, Moonbot Studios discusses the art and design of Diggs Nightcrawler in the latest developer diary:

Do you hope that Batman talks in the full Arkham Origins trailer? Do you live in Europe and are planning on buying Diggs Nightcrawler on May 29th? Let us know in the comments below.