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The Batman: Arkham Origins Developer Is Also Skipping E3 This Year

Unless people in the know are being purposefully deceptive to disguise a surprise, none of the long rumored DC-related titles will debut at E3 2019. On the heels of Rocksteady Studios’ confirming its absence, news has surfaced that Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montréal will also skip the event.

The studio’s Game Director Geoff Ellenor teased as much in a recent post to his Twitter account. In the post, Ellenor informed followers he was in a Canadian theater, preparing to see the newest Godzilla film. As such, he would not be boarding a plane headed for Los Angeles. See his tweet linked below:

While everyone is anxious to see what Rocksteady has up its sleeve, people would do well to keep an eye on WB Games Montréal, too, especially since the latter hasn’t released anything new since Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC. It’s unfortunate another big event will pass without news of the studio’s latest project surfacing. In late 2016, the developer’s alleged Suicide Squad game reportedly suffered cancelation. Rumors as recent as December 2018 suggest the Batman: Arkham Origins studio is working on a title inspired by Scott Snyder’s celebrated Court of Owls series. Neither rumor has ever been corroborated or debunked by publisher Warner Bros. Interactive.

With other WB-owned studios recently launching games, such as IO Interactive with Hitman 2 and NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 11, it seems the publisher’s presence will be minimally felt during this E3. However, the new project from Middle-earth developer Monolith Productions could potentially receive a tease. For now, details about the unnamed game are scarce, though it is expected to feature the Nemesis System. Since rumors suggest a secret LEGO Star Wars title is currently in development, TT Games may have a surprise or two of its own.

E3 will kick off very soon on June 11th and come to an end on June 13th.

[Source: Geoff Ellenor on Twitter]