Dylan Cuthbert: “There is a ton of Power Under the Hoods of” the PS4 and Xbox One

July 5, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

Dylan Cuthbert

Q-Games is best known by PlayStation gamers for the numerous PixelJunk titles they’ve created, with Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD coming to the PlayStation Vita this summer.

The man who founded Q-Games (located in Japan), Dylan Cuthbert, was recently interviewed by PS3Brasil, revealing that he thinks the Japanese market for downloadable titles “will have a big boost once the PS4 is released.” Though Q-Games hasn’t officially confirmed they’re working on a PS4 game yet, they have an “undisclosed title” in the works right now, he did point towards the fact that he was featured in a PS4 video a ways back, saying “that’s a clue right there.”

While it’s very likely they’re working on a game for Sony’s next-gen console, Dylan confirmed that, unlike the PS3’s XMB, they were not a part of the PS4’s user interface. Instead, they “pulled away from that work to concentrate on next-gen tech, we needed out tech coders working on game tech this time around.”

Speaking about the next generation, Dylan was asked what he thinks the biggest innovation would be:

I think the next generation will have a huge leap in graphics. Obviously the first batch of games will only feel like a small leap but it’s the next batch that I am excited for because there is a ton of power under the hoods of the next-gen machines and once we really start using that things are going to look very different.

¬†Also, for anyone who remembers this game, Dylan said that the Blasto IP is owned by Sony and he doesn’t “think they’ll be making a sequel anytime soon.”

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