Destiny Stats Revealed, Most “Simultaneously Played” Bungie Game in History

August 2, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


In its latest weekly update, Bungie has revealed some interesting Destiny beta stats. Surprisingly, the beta was Bungie’s “most simultaneously played” game, with 853,235 concurrent players at its peak. This information came after the previous announcement of Destiny attracting 4.6 million players for the test.

Participants created over 6,500,000 Guardians while 966,163 players used the game’s companion app. A total of 88,384,720 games were played and 3,704,508,840 killings were carried out in Story, Strike, and Exploration missions. Interestingly, 20% of player time was spent in the Tower, which is the game’s social hub. 

A total of 1,010,401 people participated in Iron Banner events, which tested the Crucible competitive multiplayer element of the game. Bungie reminds us that those who partook in Destiny’s beta will have an emblem waiting for them in September, which will include their name and stats. You can check out the full report below (click to enlarge).


In other news, Community Manager David ‘Deej’ Dague confirmed that players can delete the beta client as it’s no longer of any use. Also, your Guardian will be migrated to new consoles if you play the game on last-gen machines and want to switch. You’ll just have to make sure to stick to your platform. 

Anyone else curious about how much time was spent dancing in the Tower?

[Source: Bungie]