Destiny 2 PS5

Bungie Wants Destiny 2 PS5 Players To Stop Playing the PS4 Version

In its latest blog post, Bungie has given Destiny 2 PS5 players a heads-up that a “notable number” of them are playing the PS4 version of the game. This is despite having the power to run the game with better performance and visuals.

Stop playing Destiny 2 PS4 on your PS5

When the console first launched, even enthusiasts like us at PSLS found ourselves downloading the wrong version of games. Often, the PS5 and PS4 versions were not clearly labeled, and our current-gen system downloaded the last-gen version of games. This could explain why many Destiny 2 PS5 players are playing the PS4 version of the game instead.

Thankfully, Bungie is able to track both the platform and version of the game that users are playing and whether there’s a mismatch. Clearly there are enough mismatches to dedicate part of  This Week At Bungie to warning those on PS5 to check which version of the game they have downloaded.

For those struggling to find the PS5 version of the game, simply follow this guide for all of the answers.

Those that have been playing the PS4 version are about to get their minds blown by the incredible performance bump granted by PS5’s capable specs.